Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A West Virginia Newspaper Weighs in on the Rich Rod Situation.

The Charleston Gazette and Dave Hickman, weigh in on the Rich Rod situation at Michigan, which has led the NCAA to take a closer look at the West Virginia program, while Rodriguez coached there.

Here is a piece of the article.

It seems the question most asked, though, is how the school could possibly deny the one that it didn't own up to - that Rodriguez "failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the football program.'' After all, if the university admits to four major rules violations, isn't the fifth one obvious?

Well, of course it is. Here's the sticking point, though. If the school admits that Rodriguez failed to promote that atmosphere of compliance, it can hardly argue that the more specific violations were merely mistakes or errors in judgment. In an atmosphere of non-compliance, the commission of those violations would portray Rodriguez's program as out of control.

Ah, but if Michigan steadfastly stands behind Rodriguez and maintains that he was at all times trying to run a clean program - i.e., promoting an atmosphere of compliance - well, then all of those other issues can be explained away with that simple, "Oops.''

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