Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Troy Woolfolk Weighs In On The University Of Michigan's QB Competition

Troy Woolfolk is a senior leader on this years University of Michigan Football Team. It didn't take the star CB long to stir the pot in regards to who should start at QB for the Wolverines this season.

Woolfolk made it known that Denard Robinson has been the player who has worked the hardest toward that goal. In addition, Woolfolk called out Tate Forcier's work ethic, and insinuated if Tate hadn't played so well early last year, he would have run the risk of being excommunicated for his lack of participation during voluntary 7-7's this summer.

Here is what Troy said.

"Denard has been out there through the thick and thin and been out there all the time regardless if he's hurting," Woolfolk said. "And Tate, he tries to come out, but he's not as consistent as Denard is. And that's allowed Denard to jump a little bit ahead of Tate and I think that Tate's going to have to do a lot of work to catch back up to Denard in camp this year." …
"I personally have a lack of respect for them [players who don't show for voluntary workouts]," Woolfolk said. "The outlook on them is kind of diseased. Like you don't want to be hanging around those people because they have bad work ethic. But at the same time, it's my role to try to persuade them to come out more."
According to Woolfolk, Forcier hasn't shown up to as many workouts as he and the other seniors feel he should have, and Woolfolk said it's hurting his teammates' perception of their signal caller.
"The only reason he's not really labeled as diseased is because of the way he was able to carry the team last year before we started losing. People still trust him a little bit, but he's starting to lose that trust."


Either Troy has had enough of Tate and his lack luster effort to solidify his place as QB for the Wolverines, and is firmly in the Denard Robinson camp, or he is a great motivator and is trying to light a fire under the young QB's ass, knowing he can take this team to the next level.

I believe one thing for sure. This belief is based on no personal knowledge whatsoever. But here it goes. I believe Troy Woolfolk placed one or both of these votes during Big Ten Media Day.

First I would bet a Ham Sandwich Troy was the person who placed this vote for Denard Robinson.

Who’s the most exciting player in the Big Ten?
Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State - 8
Adrian Clayborn, Iowa - 1
Denard Robinson, Michigan - 1
Comment: “I’ve seen how fast he is.”
N/A - 1

Second, I would not be surprised if he placed this vote for Tate Forcier as well, after reading his comments about Forcier's less than professional attitude toward his position and the team in general.

With that said, it is more likely Wide Receivers like Wisconsin's Nick Toon or Purdue's Keith Smith or both were chosen by the head strong CB. Troy is U of M's best CB, who loves the competition of covering the other teams number one WR, and probably couldn't pass up the opportunity to show his dislike of the position.

Not to mention he is a team leader, but what if he feels like me and others, that believe the best thing for the team is Denard Robinson?

Who’s the most overrated player in the Big Ten?
Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State - 3
Tate Forcier, Michigan - 1
Keith Smith, Purdue - 1
Nick Toon, Wisconsin - 1
N/A - 5

No Matter, I love the passion behind Woolfolk's comments. It is obvious he desperately wants to be part of Michigan's Football Renaissance, and is taking his leadership role seriously. I just hope Tate Forcier can do the same.

Quite honestly though, in my opinion, Tate's fate has already been set. I believe once Denard takes over the starting job, he will not look back until the last game of his senior year, barring injury. I also believe we will be saying Denard Robinson not only ushered in the Rich Rod era, but also brought a Big Ten Championship back to Ann Arbor, positioning the Wolverines for long term success.

For more information on this story, has done some excellent reporting on this situation, much more so than my speculative rant.

Go Blue!

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