Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Ten Expansion, Why Stop at a Championship Game.

The Fielding Yost Division
Here at Hail To The Victors Blog, we are all about the future. No matter how far fetched our theories may be, they are based with a modest amount of reality. Take a moment and review my 16 team Big Ten Expansion scenario. In it I attempted not only to maximize the Big Ten footprint, which helps the BTN, but also try to limit the expansion opportunities of a major conference competitor, the SEC.

Of course many things would have to fall in place for such an expansion example to come to fruition, but it seems plausible. So with that said, lets say it happened. poof!

The Big Ten now contains 16 Teams, and the new members are. TEXAS, TEXAS A&M, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, NOTRE DAME.

Now what do we do with this 16 team league? I propose the following.

#1. 4 leagues of 4 teams.

The Darrell Royal Division:

The Dr. Tom Osborne Division:

The Fielding Yost Division:

The Joe Paterno Division:

#2 Each team will play 8 league games. 3 in division games and 5 cross-division games. All possible rivalries will be kept.

#3 The Team with the best overall record in each division wins that division. Tie break being head to head, if still a tie, than best division record carries the day.

The Big Ten is out to make some money right? Well lets not just add a Championship Game, lets add a semi-final weekend as well.

The Semi-Final every single year will be held at the New Dallas Cowboy Arena. Both games will be played on the same day. The Big Ten Final Four will be a party to remember.

The First game will be between the winner of the Darrell Royal Division vs. the winner of the Fielding Yost Division. Can you imagine a Michigan v. Texas semi-final? or Notre Dame v. Texas A&M?

The Second Game will be between the winner of the Dr. Tom Osborne Division vs. the winner of the Joe Paterno Division. What about Ohio State v. Nebraska or Penn State v. Iowa in a rival game that has been heating up.

You want to talk about extra income, and a big stage for Big Ten sports. Say no more than a Big Ten Semi-Final in the JERRA Dome. Big Stage-Big Life-Big Party in Dallas.

Followed the next week by the Big Ten Championship Game, switching between the cities of Indy and Detroit. The Midwest getting to crown the Big Ten Champion every year.

Of course Big Ten Expansion is still just a theory, and who knows what will actually happen. But if your going to change the face of College Football you might as well go ALL IN!

Hail To The Victors Blog would like to here your take on our expansion example, and our league championship plan. What would you do different? What do you see as a possible problem? or just your ideas?

Go Blue

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