Monday, May 24, 2010

Chart of the Day.

I have stumbled upon a website that has shined a damning light not only on SEC recruiting, but National Champion Alabama in particular.

I knew there was a numbers game being played by many Universities in terms of recruiting, but I didn't know it was so localized in the SEC, and I didn't know the numbers were this out of whack. has done something the rest of College Football has not been unable to do, and that is, take Alabama to the wood shed.

Here is an example from the site.

Since it appears that Alabama fans are slightly pissed at for documenting the March to 85, we thought we would ask the Alabama fan base to take on a homework assignment and put all the energy they spend sending us hate mail containing personal threats to good use.
Here's the assignment. It's actually quite simple. Find us another program from a BCS conference that currently, right at this moment, still has to shed more than 6 scholarships commitments in order to stay under the 85 limit this fall.
Alabama had 66 players returning on scholarship when they signed 29 new recruits. 11 of those 29 enrolled early, putting the roster at 77, and leaving 18 more still coming in the Fall. 4 from the roster of 66 have already left (this includes Star Jackson), so that puts the roster at 73. 73 + 18 = 91. 91 is 6 more than 85.
You find us that program and we will go at them like a pit bull and won't let go. But you have to bring us concrete numbers and bear in mind that Alabama has already shed 4 scholarship players with eligibility.
There it is, let's see what you are made are really made of. Let's see if you are willing to put the time and effort into truly investigating the numbers for other schools and let's see if you can find another school that needs to shed as many scholarships as you do between now and fall.
We'll save you a little bit of time and help you narrow down your search - you can go ahead and scratch the following programs off of your list. Vanderbilt and Georgia, as they refuse to oversign players. 3/4 of the ACC refuses to do it as well, so scratch them from the list. You might want to look at FSU and Miami though. Texas and USC - scratch them from the list. Tennessee, scratch them from the list. All of the Big 10 schools, you can scratch all of them from the list, ND and Texas too.
There, that should help narrow it down a little for you.
Best of luck!


For more articles and interesting information from click here.

Check this chart showing the large discrepancy in numbers between the Big 10 and the SEC in terms of number of players signed. This is outrageous. How many kids are basically cut from the team because of numbers? I never knew it was this bad.

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