Friday, May 28, 2010

Dee Hart v. Noel Devine, and The Message Board Mafia.

Don't Mess with the Message Board Mafia.
Hail To The Victors Blog wrote a short piece for, about the prospect of 4 star high school running back Dee Hart possibly joining the University of Michigan's class of 2011. Hart is an extraordinary talent that appears to be a perfect fit for Rich Rodriquez's spread offense. Hart can play multiple positions on the field, and is a very dangerous punt and kick returner.

As I made perfectly clear in the article, message board rumblings from reliable sources have Dee close to making a decision. This of course is an exciting turn of events for the University of Michigan, because they have been dealing with nothing but adverse press for sometime now, leading some to question if it will hurt recruiting.

Enter "The Message Board Mafia"

In the article I compared Dee Hart to another Florida standout running back Noel Devine. Apparently such comparisons are so far fetched, that the entire article is garbage. Which is probably true. Yet, the entire article was formulated because of a message by one of the two most reliable sources on the site. We will call him TB.

Now that article was written at Hail To The Victors Blog to inform my many 3 readers of what is going on with University of Michigan recruiting, and as every blogger on the planet does, they report what is being said and usually have a take.

My take was that Dee Hart and Noel Devine share many of the same football qualities, and those similarities make for a fair comparison.

First judge for yourself. I have put video up of both. Just click on there name.

Now lets look at the vitals.

Dee Hart is 5 Foot 9 inches and is about 190 lbs and runs a 4.5. Noel is 5 foot 8 inches and is 180 lbs and runs a sub 4.4.

So if your entire judgement is on speed, than I stand corrected. But any real evaluator of talent would not make such an harsh criticism, on just one attribute would they? But, as we all know the Message Board can be an unforgiving place. But that seems a little "out-there" even for a message poster. no matter how competent or incompetent he or she may be.

Bottom Line, Dee Hart and Noel Devine were and are two multi talented individuals who can not only play running back, but can play the slot, and both are dangerous return men. They both can take a two yard loss and turn it into a 70 yard touchdown. They both are highly touted recruits although Devine was more of a standout, receiving 5 stars by high school evaluators, while the book hasn't closed on Hart as of yet.

But most importantly in my opinion is who they played for, or will possibly play for, and who recruited them. Rich Rodriquez is the x factor when comparing the two in my opinion, and for that reason alone, makes the comparison legit. You may not agree with it, and that is perfectly fine, but an utter dismissing of the similarities of the two individuals is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Devine has the speed and ridiculous ability, but many pro evaluators worry about his durability. While Dee will likely be an every down back, as he matures, because of his ability to carry more weight. Devine is a proven commodity and Hart will have to prove himself, hopefully in a Michigan Jersey, but I would bet you a Ham Sandwich, the words Noel Devine came up in Dee Hart's recruitment.

Hail To The Victors Blog would love to hear some of the players that remind you of Dee Hart.

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