Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Michigan AD David Brandon is Providing Much Needed Stability.

U of M AD David Brandon
Adam Rittenberg of ESPN's Big Ten Blog writes about how New Michigan AD David Brandon has handled the pressure of Michigan's current football situation.

Here is a taste;

Asked earlier today who is ultimately to blame for the violations, Brandon replied, "I am. The reality is we had failures across the athletic department and I take full responsibility." 

It's pretty hard to blame the guy who wasn't on the job when this stuff happened, but Brandon doesn't leave you with other choices. He's in total control. 

Brandon's decision to be transparent with the NCAA situation is refreshing and, quite frankly, very un-Michigan-like. If you want to know how the school or its coach responded to the NCAA, it's all right there for you

This won't be Brandon's only test as Michigan's AD. Heck, the NCAA could deem Tuesday's response too light and a little arrogant, and drop the hammer on Big Blue in August. And if the football team continues to struggle on the field this fall, Brandon will face constant questions about Rodriguez's job security. 

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